Facing the Unexpected Microcredential Program

Commit to improving the experience of prenatal diagnosis and be recognised as a leader in this growing field.

Gain confidence and connection

Strengthen your understanding of the experience of receiving a prenatal diagnosis and opportunities to improve psychosocial outcomes of parents, while connecting with others and completing activities that align with your role and interests.

Be recognised

Share your digital certificate and badge to signpost your knowledge, skills and commitment to improving psychosocial outcomes of families who move through the unexpected. 

Network and collaborate

Gain access to networking communities of multidisciplinary professionals to share resources and  experiences, nurture referral pathways, debrief and collaborate to improve systems.

Feel assured

The Facing the Unexpected microcredential program aligns with the National Microcredentials Framework, is evidence-informed and codesigned by clinicians, therapists, researchers and parents with lived experience.
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